Sustainability creates peace

What does a sustainable life look like, more than what it means to reduce waste and buy organic products? To me it is also about not wasting people. It is to not waste someone's talent, ideas, capability, education, experience, creativity, ability, will, health, home, ideals, beliefs, skills, time and love. It is to make room, to invite, to include, to meet, to come together, to discuss, to define, to solve, to call, to reply, to listen, to speak, to question, to answer and most of all to respect all life. The life that is yours and the life that is rightfully mine to have. It took me about a decade to dare laugh again after my mother passed away and as a reward I found joy. Joy in dancing,

Carrying the torch of Anne Frank

I started looking at license plates as a young girl riding in cars and therethrough see where the others came from, learning which letter combination belonged to which country. And when we traveled by train, I used to sit and guess which country that language was from that passengers around us were talking. We passed by a former concentration camp one time, awful yet intriguing since my Polish grandmother on my Mum's side has been in two. She survived them. I am here because she did. One of these trips took our family to Amsterdam in the early 80's to visit the house where Anne Frank and her family had hidden during WWII. My Dad bought several of the same kind of binders that stood in that b

Connecting with Mother Earth

There is no way around it - to feel connected to Mother Earth will always make us feel rooted and belonging. And through this, we open up for Divinity and the connection to the spirit world. This way, we begin to relate to Mother Earth as well as Father Sun and God. Look up. Look down. Feel how you are a living being among the other species. Walk, touch, scent, breathe and take in all this beauty. You are a child of earth, here to care about it, others and yourself. Why would you want to poison it?

Daring to believe

What happens when someone passes away? I am sure you, just like I, have asked yourself, your parents and God that. I believe in angels. Some became only spirits, some saints, some angels, and some became archangels. Perhaps some just are wandering or resting in heaven. Either way, my own little angel is a treasure. I talk to her sometimes, show her what I would also want her to have if I could give it to her. She sees all I don't, nudges me on my shoulders and I am stubborn to not act on it directly sometimes. Today it was one of my favorite cardigans I have accidentally left next to the washing machine. It was still there since I hurried back after a while, after her nudge. Lucky to have li

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