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Which school do we choose?

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

When I lived in Hawaii, my Kumu Hula expressed concern about not knowing Qigong like I do. I never understood the conflict, nor do I now. The way we use the palms of our hands and why is different. In Qigong, the exercises focus on improving our own health whereas Hawaiian Hula gives and receives energy to Earth, which in turn also has a positive effect on health. Perhaps it is just a matter of location and traditions. And the purpose of impression and expression.

When it comes to transferring and teaching movement arts and spiritual practices, lineage is often considered important, as well as the inherent tradition that is embedded with certain type of experiences into the exercise. This type of knowledge is somewhat held secret but is often the foundation of how the practice was developed so therefor as we become more skilled, we naturally tune into a greater understanding of the inherent mysteries. Of course we can not forget too that the plethora of available "tools" on today's market maybe should be discerned with concern on how they are interacting. For example we know that combining pharmaceutical medicine with herbal supplements can produce side-effects or simply have a lesser effect. What happens when we meditate for one teacher, do Qigong for another and Yoga for a third? Is it just a matter of style and popularity or something different? And can we still keep our faith?

I have realized that, while doing internal work like Yoga on a mat can be done alongside others, it is still just a preparation for Death - the Death of Ego and of body, especially if you assume the whole lifestyle, perhaps resulting in even more counter forced behavior in some people. This however doesn't remove the importance of allowing things and traits to die that needs to be removed or lessened. Going inwards.

Most of all, Meditation does that of course. Whether guided or on our own, it stills our mind to help us listen, while Prayer enable us to stir our hearts, especially when others pray for us.

What do you need? Different spiritual practices tend to different spiritual needs in different ways.

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