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Feeling our way through

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Have you ever heard that there is a difference between feelings and emotions? There is different ways of charges we receive and give to others. It is usually perceived in our tone of voice or body-language and this is also where we can differentiate between a feeling and an emotion.

A feeling is something we sense in our bodies. We tense up, close ourselves or defend with anger, just as we can laugh, flirt and seemingly open up, to start a relationship. These type of expressions however are all on the surface, with our Egos. This is also how we usually fight as humans. A shell against another shell, keeping it inbetween.

Beneath this shell, in our heart we have emotions. They are deeper seated, deeper felt and not necessarily bodily at all, but perceived on an inner level. These emotions can be grief, love, mercy, grace, or any other moving of our sense of an existential experience. When it goes beyond our own personal experience into something more vast, shared and timeless, it is our soul that feels.

When we feel connected to our core, it is here we also have a spiritual bridge to others and to life itself with our human interaction, as if blending thoughts and actions like a flock of deer. Not only does it takes total self-awareness and true humility to sense these differences, but also to have the maturity and respect to not answer soul with ego, or let another person's heart bleed out for greed, shame or ridicule. It is here we must cultivate and develop compassion, not only towards the one we meet, but also to ensure that we cut in when we notice someone becoming excruciating hurt into a frozen state where the other refuse to acknowledge his or her responsibility for the behavior that has caused harm. To say no to rapes, whether physical or emotional, intellectual or spiritual, whether by men or by women. And have others stand up with you when you say no and report it. It will never cease to amaze me how much I have been ignored, how much others build layers upon layers onto their shells, playing games with my feelings and ultimately with my soul, that also is connected to your own by our collective heart. What happens then do you think?

When you show loving-kindness and compassion, tolerance, patience and respect, this ripples outwards also for others to benefit from, just like the opposite. Not only by our behavior in our immediate surroundings or online, but also through the connections we share, it becomes perceived, with an effect much grander than you perhaps expected or even thought could happen, so why don't you focus on sending love? Give love, receive love. 

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