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To smoothie or not to smoothie

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Let me take this opportunity to clarify why I express how I go against the popularity of drinking smoothies. It's very simple, it's because of two things:

1. You fool your stomach into believing it is getting food to digest but instead your tummy gets swollen and must empty faster, with less energy to keep. Instead I only drink squeezed juices, herbal and green teas and clean water. On occasion I drink black tea for its advantages, Aloe Vera drink or Arizona tea in the summer and eat organic fruit to keep my blood sugar level high enough and boost myself with C-vitamin which makes wonder for my skin. I drink about two liters a day or more when I work out, often with the addition of electrolytes.

2. You should never feel like you have to eat or drink something particular to be accepted in a group, just like with smoking and drinking. We should be allowed to practice yoga without having to wear malas around our wrists and gulp down smoothies, while writing books about our lives, unless you already are a writer. Malas are for praying not wrap around for fashion. Just like glutenfree and lactosefree products are used because of a sensitive stomach. Instead I do yoga as a warm-up, or de-stress between dance practices and work on making a pretty, yet meaningful, lei of bamboo to wear and wrote my book as part of discussing our culture in society, with myself as an example.

(I eat breakfast and two cooked full meals per day, with the add of snacks, to be grounded and fueled.)

Where do you set your boundaries and which becomes your standards to live by?

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