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Integrating our inner child

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Our inner child is that most authentic, pure and loving part of ourselves that carries our soul and its purpose into the world. On one hand utterly vulnerable, on the other hand fierce to survive. We can become better in touch with this part of ourselves through childsplay, naturally. What is this as a grown up? Excluding playing with children (where we are to take the parental role, or at least an adult position in our interactions), we can still do things that brings forth our own sense of childlike joy. This entails creativity in all its shapes and forms, being outside in nature, spending time with animals and certain friends. Being creative can also bring forth our inner child, by allowing our soul to express its longing to become whole so we can restructure our lives into a more wholesome nature, a more wholesome host. This can for example be done through art, including writing, discovering our own joy.

Our inner child, can have become a lost soul piece from a traumatic event, thus need a place to live that is loving, caring and accepting with respect both from ourselves and others around us, in order to be retrieved and reclaimed. This means taking good care of our bodies and our actual homes, making them both into sanctuaries that are safe and nurturing with good set boundaries and our own best at heart, is a must. It also entails making space to vent our true emotions and be honest with our own wants and desires, without pretending. Many are those who lie to themselves, who will have to get out of that rut first before tending to their actual needs. Some prefer warmth, others chilly, some prefer to sleep late, others to get up early and so forth. Finding what your own real needs are and satisfying these within reasonable limits are always essential.

Even so, integrating our own inner child/soul piece takes several years depending on the nature of the trauma and the conditions with which we heal. But, the more sincere effort we take, the more help we receive through God against those who oppose us and rather want us to remain in a victimized position. That is how it is for me!

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