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Precious planet

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

As a stewardess of Earth, it is nothing more precious to life than when beauty abounds in its origin, whether it's a bird's song and the wind moving through a tree, or magnificent lava and waterfalls paired with mystic mountains and enlightening sunrises - it's all here for us to enjoy and care about. To show appreciation to, with the same compassion we feel towards humans. Or more! 

It is all about how we charge the energy we put into our actions. The approach we use, that we must found in honesty. How we hit the mat with another exercise, how we prepare our food and how we learn to accept and respect others for who they are, but not tolerate any harm they keep doing for their own gain, especially for selfish pursuits. This in turn requires a sense of maturity to adapt our approach accordingly.

Think of caressing each thing and person you meet, whether by eyes, words or hands. That to me is walking in beauty.

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