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To believe in Scientology?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Which church should I belong to? Could I become a member of the Church of Scientology? 

Many are those who consider Scientology to be a cult or some kind of stalkers, but nothing I have read suggests that at all. In fact it is all common sense and a view on humans that I see as accurate for my own experiences. I have been subscribing to their newsletter for a couple of months and find it increasingly often to be synchronised with what is going on in my own life. I have no idea why it is such a taboo in Sweden to even talk about scientology. Or any other movement! Last week I received a pamphlet about finding happiness, where two things stood out directly applicable to my cases.

They also are concerned and advocate for human rights, which  is important to me personally. The question is if scientology should be considered a religion? It is a sum of beliefs that creates a foundation to live by, which makes it look like a religion, but focusing on humans versa humans. After all, God did leave it up to us on earth to make a living and make a society with relationships that honor and respect each other. It is a matter of free will - to create, hold dialogues, meet half-way and solve problems. Or slander, disrespect and destroy another person' life out of your own neglect.

Scientology also is where coaching touches base a little, as with all personal development tools and classes, the difference being that coaching always includes a conversational dialogue that isn't about teaching anything more than a variety of assessments to enable improvement and reaching goals with conditions that nurture and empower us. It's part psychology, part religion.

Can one believe in God at the same time? I do. 

How does all this connect? Do we use our beliefs only in our personal lives or is it rather a tool to improve your performance at work? For you to see later...

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