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Human needs are our human rights

To live a healthy life filled with light, laughter and love, we must have our basic needs met. 

To be creative and make ideas come through or express our self, whether from grief or with joy, we must have our basic needs met.

This is the foundation for our inner child and soul inhabiting our bodies fully. And each basic need is a human right.

With the add of a little sex and sunshine perhaps. It is in the authentic meetings we can create beauty between people, sharing play but with ourselves as the adults.

No more stalking, sabotaging and stealing from me please! Both single individuals and a group has been reported for attempted murder. That is what you will be tried for if you don't stop. What do you loose by leaving me alone? 

Let yourself be healed and bloom instead. 

Photo taken today after sleeping well in a new safe place with my inner child in place... before I again become stopped from cooking and eating my own chosen food, paying hostel on time for the next night etc. Not to mention living in my own apartment again. As reported to authorities including the UN.

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