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Walking the Medicine Path

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

My faith in God brings me opportunities that can only be explained by Divine interventions. Here is an example of a serendipitous meeting:

After not having had a place to sleep, ie any money to pay for another hostel or hotel room, in Frankfurt 2019, off and on for months, less the last couple of weeks, I asked to sit down with my suitcase and trolley in the lobby at Fleming Hotel next to the Centralstation, one late night. The Asian guy in the reception said ok for a couple of hours, so I crawled up in one of their comfy big chairs with my found winter jacket on top of me. A group of guests sat further down with their drinks, and a young woman sat behind me, also alone with a suitcase, writing something intensely. I felt oddly in common with her, but at first none of us said anything to each other. After a couple of bathroom breaks watching the other person's belongings, at 4 am, I asked what she was writing. I came to share my reasons for being in Frankfurt, including that I had been detained without conviction and deported from the United States, but here to apply for a waiver.

The young woman from Peru almost immediately asked if I could tend to her apartment that she had rented from a guy second hand, who currently lives in Switzerland. The police had gone in twice (once when she hadn’t been home) and turned it upside down to look for Cannabis, which she had been arrested for. That can happen, I thought, and remembered what Bonnie had said to me that morning in Honolulu. I said yes of course, while she was heading towards her family in Peru. She wrote a simple contract in German and we both signed and took photos of each others’ passports. Anna had paid rent until the end of May so I should simply be able to stay there for a couple of weeks in exchange for cleaning the apartment. I received the key. At 5 am, she went to the airport and I had some of my carried with, gluten free, breakfast, while I waited until 9 am when my Canadian friend’s transfer of 50 euros would be visible in my bank account, this time to buy a train ticket to Gelnhausen, besides to food. I never hesitated.

Gelnhausen turned out to be an ancient town, with the most exquisite view and an old pilger path from the 1600’s, my ancestors were with me. The dwindling bus ride was just relaxing as I took it all in and got to see where the grocery stores and pharmacies were on my way. When I got off, by a hunch, where a friendly woman appeared to my rescue, calling me a cab and waiting with me. Up into the mountain, I found the house and finally was able to eat and sleep in an ordinary and nice apartment without being stalked, for almost a week, for the first time since a year and a half! Did I mention she left me a big jar of Nutella and Volvic water bottles? Besides the mess that made me feel useful, and to be a mediator to the concerned, but gossipy, neighbors?

The week before, I had been recommended to seek out the help at the Liebfrauen Kirche (church) with its sisters and brothers (nuns and monks serving breakfast). I was given help to go to a safe shelter for women, where I was going to be allowed to stay for three nights, over a holiday and waiting for another reply from the Swedish embassy about a return ticket or simply money to that, an emergency loan towards food and shelter. None again. I went to the directed church and was greeted by a sister that together with the other women, showed me where they stored convenient IKEA-beds, where to shower and wash clothes, while also being allowed to use their kitchen.

Meanwhile, one of the Filipino women at Frankfurt International Church found me an opportunity to start working cleaning rooms at a hotel. Not so bad, good hours and enough pay, would set me free for a couple of months. I went to their staff manager, who gave me the address to the office, where I was welcome and just needed to get my German tax id and records. Finally, I thought! And with less hassle, since this is within EU where I don’t need any visa to work and live. But, at the Burger-Amt (the official authority), someone had removed me from the German records, and I would have to file a new address again, ie also loosing the number of months I’ve already lived here. Luckily, the cleaning company said I could just start working anyway and we’d fix it by the paycheck.

I had to leave Anna's apartment within a week, but before that, besides cleaning and doing laundry, I did Ho'oponopono to find forgiveness for the times when I had to terminate someone's sublet lease for my apartment early, and for ordering too many things before I could pay. The owner got angry with Anna and asked the German police to come, which in turn became a blessing too, since they at the same time that day, thereby protected me against the Swedish police and court, who wanted to prosecute me for something not criminal. I received financial assistance by the town of Gelnhausen, and somewhere to live there for a week, welcome to stay. But, I had to return to Sweden and did, where I had one of my lawsuits about plagiarism tried.

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