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One world - one belief

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

It's said that the only religion we need in the world is called Love. That isn't completely true since all religions are humans' way of trying to find a structure, system and rules to co-habit in what we call society. In order to deal with existential questions and hardships, we look to beliefs that can help us overcome both adversaries and the inner resistance we might hold. But what if all religions come from the same origin and served the same purpose, could we not then just call them a parallel to languages?

Over time, humanity has wandered from living in nature towards depending on sophisticated technology in modern cities, which has made me come to the conclusion that religions have developed in a chronological order, on location, but still coming from the same source.

God is the maker of all things, so then also all religions and belief-systems. But who is then God? And why should we believe there is one? It's a mystery to never be solved, while the secret behind our origin still can be unveiled. We are all particles from the sun part of the same light that we can reflect from within, when we succumb to being united through, coming from the big bang. It's what we long for, cherish and need. The common ground purpose, is to be healed, just like native indigeneous tribes have sought back in the day, like we seek now, while also learning how important it is to found harmony among ourselves to not create a dis-connect, a dis-ease, as the result of the added tension and stress humans seem to always create with their sin, their lack of love, creating the need of compassion.

The tendency I see, is a self-centeredness among young adults where all revolves around getting your own fame and fortune as fast as possible with no regard to those coming before or after, or even any focus on how to better the relationship to strangers, new neighbors. Who will then see you and who will be served by you, giving you that sense of satisfaction and validation making you feel both connected and important from a broad perspective? This is where idolatry must be expelled, so we can go from the "I"- culture into a "we" arising from the will to belong on equal terms adjusted to our ability to contribute with our own unique set of skills, creating the small group to each topic, rather than forming big around the same leader. What's your important issues? What can you do about it? Which other issues are there and who can work with that? How do we best create a positive development? By listening to someone calling themselves a teacher, or by talking about it, sharing your own experiences, wishes, thoughts and ideas together with those who welcome you? The latter I hope! 

If the sun makes the earth grow, it will always be enough or we wouldn't still be here. Share earth!

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