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Where do you want to live and why?

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

There are numerous of factors playing a part in choosing our optimum conditions for a thriving life. The most important thing is, that we indeed choose and make a conscious decision, to be leaders of our own life. Naturally, others' movements across the planet alongside any climate changes also play a part, and it is in the field between these two our immigration lawmakers and enforcement must battle. Hopefully, we don't.

Common individual factors include:

* Religion (the way we believe and apply it)

* Culture (the way we socialize and communicate)

* Climate (the physical environment with its temperature and humidity we live in)

* Arts and crafts (the way we express ourselves, especially when it comes to exhibits, stage performances and pursuits thereof)

* Health (the medicine and healing we need)

* Opinion (the way we express ourselves and especially for writers)

* Relationships (the way we create families and networks, including associations)

* Profession (our ambitions to excel or simply be able to contribute with our best, including studies)

These are all coming into play after we have secured the meeting of our basic needs. And it's when we are not only not successful, but hindered, it becomes a matter of persecution.

Which preferences and needs do you have and how are you treated where you live? Do you have a home, job and community you feel safe in? How much can you change and change within your current conditions? Do you need to move?

I need to. 

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