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A Midsummer night's dream

In Sweden, we have a tradition to celebrate Midsummer's Eve by dancing around a dressed pole in birch leaves and flowers, like daisies. We eat pickled herring, fresh newly harvested potatoes and preferably authentic Swedish strawberries, with whipped cream. The adults like to take a shot of vodka, preferably with the add of a herbal essence. Then the legend has it, this is a good time to get pregnant, the Maypole being a symbol of fertility.

Growing up in Sweden, I also participated in the foreboding dreams. You pick 7 or 9 wild flowers, preferably at 7 or 9 different meadows, whereupon you keep silent. You then put the wild flowers underneath you pillow. This will enable you to dream of your future husband to be. Have I?

I did once actually. I was about 14 years old and "saw" a really tall blonde man. I used to have a crush on one just like that in Middle school, but I was never shown his face in my dream. He, however, was so tall that I would have to stand on a pair of phonebooks to be able to reach up to kiss him. At least, that is what I remember also have seen in a movie.

How far do we go in our celebrations, when they aren't Christian? This year, I didn't.

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