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A new perspective on drama

For many years, I've tried to avoid becoming drawn into other people's dramas. I have rather been by myself or letting each new encounter, be appreciated in the here and now, with whatever topic we have found in common. There is something very sacred about being a traveller, where we seem to leave our troubles behind, ie our drama, in favor of making new discoveries about ourselves, and the world. And after being forced to return to Sweden upon living in Hawaii for 3 years, it was my way of taking charge of my own life and safety, continuing in Germany 2018-19 and in Portugal 2019-20. But, how do we then better partake in life, when we cease traveling? What can I do better when I can go back to the United States and really settle?

Today, I read the introduction to my newly bought Bible (in larger print, since the one I have is fairly small and it now with age becomes harder for me to read comfortably). And there it said, how we can apply the Bible by choosing a character from one of its books and then enact it, in our own dramas that we face. So far, I've been able to feel very confirmed and validated by reading parts of the Bible, that often seem to directly mirror my own current situation and/or emotional state (I became a Christian after my mother passed away in 2004 and became baptized in 2007.). I was also told by a volunteer minister in Honolulu 2012, how indeed it is for us to be mirrored. But, I have yet to learn the content good enough, to try being like one of its original characters, in any situation or relationship I enter. What an amazing task that I now have set out for me!

You can also read more about my view on the roles we all play in society here.

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