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A clean sheet of paper

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

I love having my desk orderly organized in pretty piles, with even corners. I love having a matching color pen to my journals and prefer to write on paper without lines. I learned how to do mindmaps in the beginning of my copywriter career and this too, is something that requires a clean sheet of paper. A clean sheet of paper can become anything! It holds all the possibilities in the world, room for thoughts and emotions without limits, and a free space for creative ideas.

I think it's super important to keep writing by hand, from time to time. There is a direct link to something sacred when we sit undisturbed with a pen to paper. A flow of an intimate sorts, without the stress of having to be read. To just become a reminder or a seed to develop.

Many writers testify about the block they can feel, with an empty sheet in front of them. Luckily, I don't belong to them. There is always something that I can write. Let me know, if you want something done: a description, a presentation, a letter, an invitation, an advertisement, a poetic speech or a manual. I can write it for you!

Don't know what you should write yourself but would like to? Here are some more tips about that. And here is the Swedish author August Strindberg's essay with a similar title. Always an inspiration!

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