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Am I being cancelled?

While things haven't gone well for a long time, it was during 2014, they started to turn worse by outer forces:

I got a new apartment - but was denied welfare for it, even though it was below the norm.

I was given the opportunity to have my comment published in the print magazine of Harvard Business Review - but was suddenly cancelled.

I had booked interviews for my second book with two journalists, one in Stockholm and one in Honolulu - but both suddenly cancelled.

I had applied for jobs that were turned back to me within days, rather than letting my applications be part of the employment process.

I was subjected to numerous break-ins with thefts of documents, thumb-drive, a planted golden necklace etc - but the police ignored.

I was stalked in person again, but the police ignored.

I was given a health benefit card with the numbers 911 to mimic my US prison number by a Swedish psychiatry clinic.

I was slandered in two Swedish evening papers without being allowed to answer to the allegations.

I was called psychotic without being it by the Swedish welfare clerks, who then most likely is behind the persecution, now since 2020 (beginning 2018), together with the police and court, but not because of what I've done, but for what I have reported I've been subjected to.

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