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Around the table

At Telluselle Living Center, we will host small groups for sacred conversations in a coaching manner.

We start by having decided a topic beforehand to focus on. Everyone participating, honors a sense of confidentiality, ie that we respect each other’s honesty and vulnerability that comes with authentic sharing, letting it stay within the group.

I, or other certified coach, will lead the discussion, but not teach.

Then, we let the word travel around the table, for each person in the circle to have his or her say about the topic. This require us to be attentive and practice neutral listening, which in turn becomes mindful presence. It’s important to not sit and only rehearse what to say, when it becomes your turn, but to let the persons before you grow the topic. At best, our conclusion will then become the result of this synergy, that developed naturally during the course of our conversation.

Ready to try? Read more here.

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