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As a matter of fact

Today, my therapist asked me a question. He wondered, if I had decided to share what I did, for any specific reason or purpose. It hadn't even crossed my mind! Do people have specific purposes behind what they share about themselves? This is something I would like to ponder. I simply continued from where we left off, recounting what has happened in my life during the years (where I've lived, studied and worked etc). Should I have tilted it some way? Or is it subconsciously so anyway?

My strength, I think, in any debate, is being very matter of fact, ie I simply focus on what is a fact and hold my stance firmly around that. Then I can of course, have opinions about various issues or topics, but I like to be careful to always let these be a result of either my faith, and/or a personal real-life experience.

How I communicate, is of course founded in my education and upbringing, but I'd like to think that I am most of all present, rather than preparing a stance. Should I change this? Should I create arguments and statements beforehand?

I think, I've gained an American perspective to add to the mix, but also been through so many threatening situations, that I simply haven't had the space, or time, to prepare anything. And in this lies an even greater threat. What do we do, when/if people don't believe in actual truths? Actual facts? And think that we've made them up?

God knows.

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