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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

When my mother passed away, I took a hiatus from coaching others, to ensure that I took care of my own grief and shock first, so that nothing would spill onto my clients. Likewise, when other huge things happen in our lives, it must be dealt with proper first. Our own needs, must be heeded so that we can be of real, undisturbed service with a 100% presence.

While I have lots of life and work experience to draw examples from, it is never to impose on a client. It's rather the opposite. I go into our sessions with an open mind, ears and heart, with no prejudice (aware of my own) and no expectations, more than what we have done an agreement about. There is something very powerful in turn, to experience. Just sitting still, being ready to explore and discover what is important to another human being, and being able to enable success for him or her.

Who is then my target group? What does different people need and want? Especially, where I want to live. What can I contribute with? To become a successful entrepreneur, we must always be able to satisfy others' needs with our products and services. Sometimes, it's coming from our own need, but the most important thing, is to not be needy ourselves. To instead be ready to give. This, to me, is also the difference between professional lifecoaches and self-help authors. And today, I found out more information about the trends on the market for wellness and sustainability. So grateful to see it holding opportunities.

In a couple of months, I hope!

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