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Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Happy Spring Equinox! Today is the day for us in the northern hemisphere, when we have exactly the same number of hours of daylight, as we have of night darkness. It is therefore, the most prime time to feel in balance. And today, it was also significantly much warmer, so nice!

This is why I enjoyed living both in Hawaii and in Portugal. Both places have a more equal amount of daylight hours all year round, which to me creates an environment of more balance than in Sweden. This, I am most certain affects my health and wellbeing. I used to feel somewhat manic-depressive before, because of the added stress of more sunlight, trying to cope with getting things done as fast as possible, ie before the sun disappeared again. Nowadays, I just do one thing at a time and plan on moving as soon as possible.

How do you become affected by the weather - the climate? Is it the optimum conditions for you to live in? What do you prefer?

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