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Becoming a member of Nato?

These last couple of months, have put the Swedish government on high alert, given previous Russian trespassing, and due to the invasion of Ukraine. Sweden has held a neutral stance, when it comes to foreign policies for more than a century, which I have grown up believing in to be a diplomatic way to follow. However, is Sweden a safe country to live in? No, it isn't to me. If the Swedish police (or any authority) can't interrogate and prosecute the Swedish man physically stalking me for more than a decade, with a known identity, and let me pay rent for a small studio without him or other going into, how can they then defend Swedish citizens from greater threats?

That Finland must decide first, whether they want to become members of Nato, is a typical weak following by Sweden. Instead of securing our own society, not only borders, but also the law enforcement processes, that for the most part seem to have been set into place, just for show, so the result become less of a statistic and more of a solution.

I have come to learn that being diplomatic isn't just to be silent and neutral, but rather to speak up more firmly against both sides fighting.

Nato was created to prevent more wars. But the question is, is Sweden the instigator? According to Swedish news, a couple of Swedish young new nazi members joined the Azov battalion, to fight for Ukraine in 2014, which might very well be provoking Russia to "liberate" Ukraine from them. Something our then foreign minister knew about, and even approved. Isn't this to open the door for retaliation?

No, Sweden. But do let me live elsewhere.

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