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Becoming a messenger

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

In order to get your message across on any digital platform, or in regular advertising, it's a must to answer these questions:

What is your message? What do you want to say?

Why do you want to say this?

What is the purpose? What should be done after you have said it? What do you want your audience to think and feel? Are you seeking a change or a sale?

Who do you want to say this to and why?

When are you going to say this?

Where are you going to say this?

Which competition do you have?

What makes you stand out? What is your uniqueness?

Answering these questions can look like this:

My message is, that immigrants are being detained in the United States, even without criminal conviction. I would like to say this to facilitate a sincere change, so that one gets a summon to appear in court without detention, because it is against human rights to incarcerate someone without a fair trial and a reading of one's rights, including receiving an appointed attorney. I would like to say this to the American people, so they can push for a change, perhaps with the assistance of UNOHCHR, who did an investigation and other countries for a global coherence. I am going to say it as soon as possible. I am going to say it both in the news and in my book after it has been available online to everybody. I don't know of any other deported immigrant writing a book about it, although the Netflix-series "Orange is the new black" seems to have used my content without my permission. My uniqueness is. that it's total documentary with me as a participating observer, and since I am a copywriter as my profession, I can convey this in ways that will be seen, heard and felt. I am doing this in response to my experience.

So, deciding what one's message is going to be and why, adds both purpose and direction, as well as clarity and conviction. It becomes easier to understand, as well as reach its goal. This is referred to as making a communicative platform as a basis for one's marketing strategy. The final and most crucial question is:

Are you responding to someone else or are you creating something new?

Would you like to discuss this further with your own examples and ideas? Send me an email to

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