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Becoming a stewardess for earth

I remember becoming a bit bewildered, wondering how to combine my steadfast values of tending to Mother Earth, as if being a godly entity on her own, at the same time I became a Christian. Is there a way to combine these two ways of looking at nature?

My entire life, I've believed in indigenous ways and wanted to become a shaman, in ways of relating and being one with Earth, but never to manipulate or assume any "powers" correlating to. It was such a relief to discover that the Bible also talks about our relation to nature and prompting us to become stewards and stewardesses of earth: God, being the Creator or earth, just as of other living beings. It's by far the most important relationship to have, both with God and with Mother Earth, because they are the ones never failing to be there for you and always sustaining you with life energy. It's what enable us to exercise emotional detachment and be centred in peace.

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