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Becoming moved

It takes something American to move me. Last night, I was reminded of that, when I read a comment on Instagram by a woman, who also has been deported and been able to return, but still struggle with immigration bureacracy and trust. This is obviously something I can deeply relate to. It's always comforting to learn that we're not alone, dealing with something.

It's also Americans, who have inspired me for my lifecoaching. Everything I learned derives from American practice and research.

The same goes for my dancing. Who would I be without learning Hawaiian Hula and all that is included? Would I be happy without being reconnected with my childhood dream through dancing Isadora Duncan, for American teachers? Did you know? I've even experienced elated joy, while I was practicing skipping once, on Zoom in Portugal.

And not to forget: Faith. Would I have become a Christian, would I not have met others so openly sharing their way of believing and living accordingly, in a way that is fresh and modern, yet stable and real? All Americans (and one Canadian!).

But, in order for me to move back to the United States, I must have an income to sustain my living, as well as a visa and a waiver (due to my previous deportation). How do I get that from here? Whether it is to date someone and eventually get married; would I do that without ever meeting that person first? No, of course not. Can I become employed without ever meeting my employer first? Most likely not. This is why I feel stuck, in Sweden. And also to finish getting all my teeth done and monitor my Malignt melanoma, which I can't do in the United States unless insured, such as through a spouse or employment. But, why then considering moving? The point is. Even speaking English, raises my energy level and vibration, besides feeling supported to. I want to live from a place grounded in my heart, where becoming moved is not only happening a couple of times a year. Where can I feel safe expressing myself without suppression, oppression and obstruction? Without being stalked, intruded upon and slandered? Where can I do that, but in the United States?

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