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Being an encouraging person

Yesterday at the Evening Mass, as I listened to the Pater speak about Satan's weapons, where one is discouragement, I remembered when I've been discouraged by others and how sad that made me feel. It also reminded me of how lucky I am, to have had Henri Holmgren as my mentor, who was one of many who indeed encouraged and believed in my ability to be a good copywriter. I pledged at the end of our mentor-adept relationship, to pass forward his wisdom and help others the same. It's one of the reasons why I became a lifecoach, to encourage and believe in others, and therethrough help them achieve their goals and live their dreams. How does one then, become an encouraging person?

The most important thing, as with all things in relationships, is honesty and a genuine sincerity or else our efforts to encourage will sound false and not be believed in. It could even backfire with a contrary effect, as if to ridicule or shame someone, to make fun of, and in secret hope for their failure. That is never ok. Instead, express a positive reinforcement with wishes of good luck, perseverance, work, education and networking. To take the initiative and learn more about it, to offer one's services by contacting and connecting on fairs, events and other natural points of meetings. Ask factual questions on how this idea or wish can be carried out. Ask what is fun to do and what that person feels good at.

I believe that we all have something we can contribute with, in terms of personality traits, kindness, and skills. While there are many, who share abilities and skills, not everybody does at the same place, at the same time, and with the same combination of. Likewise, our motivation and purpose might differ, and make a difference in how these will be put to use. I simply know, that I'll never lose anything by believing and supporting someone else. I might be taken advantage of, but my heart has won. I think, exercising curiosity can be a good start.

Who, and what, can you encourage today?

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