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Being on time

All my adult life, until just a couple of years ago, I have been arriving late. Usually because of good reasons, and not at all by deliberation, however I might have had some doubts, because of my stomach upset, delaying me. Would it then be the right thing to attend what I’ve planned? Often I have gone, but then with a result less than my potential. Someone also told me once, that she found it disrespectful to her, which wasn’t at all my intention. But most of all, arriving late, certainly brought stress into my meetings.

And into my dance classes.

I have literally done motions in a much more tense and stressful way, in a hurry, than what I can. Now, that I am being more present, more affluent and not at all in doubt, I neither feel nauseous before, nor do I become late. Instead, I can be more centred and have more space.

All this time, besides any faulty impressions that I might have created, I didn’t give myself the time, that I deserve. Now, an excellent opportunity for self-compassion and a rewarding discipline.

How much time do you need and for what?

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