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Birthday wishes

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Now I've turned 52 and thus passed the peak of my life, I believe, at the peak of fall. It's kind of exciting. My body feels like it has changed back into the shape I had as a toddler, with a strong connection to my inner girl, while I at the same time has tons of wisdom that makes me feel quite grounded in my own identity. But what do I wish for this coming year?

* To live cancer-free

* To receive back my smile with dental implants

* To return to the United States and get a home in San Francisco

* To continue dancing both Isadora Duncan and Hawaiian Hula

* To gain proper recognition in the media of my books and sell well

* To get a secret investigation underway

* To ensure that my stalker gets caught and locked up

* To meet someone new... or old...

* To make my bamboo lei, at least a prototype

Happy birthday to me!

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