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Book number three + in the works +

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Last fall, I felt I received the blessing of content to my third book; "The Call for Divine Harmony + using pearls of wisdom +", so I thought I'd share them. Like in my other books, I will provide several examples on how my transformation have come about and this time, as the conditions for a loving relationship:

+ Vulnerability

+ Flow

+ Presence

+ Play

+ Softening

+ Touch

+ Support

+ Needs

+ Energy

+ Faith

+ Affection

+ Trust

+ Compliments

+ Simplicity

+ Boundaries

+ Serenity

+ Wellness

+ Purpose

They might look alike my first book, but here they hold an action that is pro-active. Take "Softening" for example. In this one, I refer to how I walk and use my hands.

Stay tuned for more!

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