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Borders and boundaries

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

After my detention in the United States, I have developed a more thorough understanding of border policies, as well as how setting boundaries can in fact, be seen as the foundation for the same borders. Each military branch, representing its natural element.

We start by wanting to protect our own bodies, than our homes and then our communities and countries. But, how do we extend this protection and safety measures for our online living, while keeping the right to opinions free?

I wish there was a global type of police force, where one could turn to sort out issues of copyright or bullying. What do we do when our own home country doesn't act and we are elsewhere? Who can then tell our country to?

I contacted Nato when I lived in Portugal. It so happened that I saw their Academy one day when I was passing by in Oeiras. It dawned upon me, that Nato is the only European alliance, Sweden isn't part of, hence they can act against. How hard can it be to get your case tried? Should I have to ask Nato for assistance to stop stalking and intrusions?

My body and my home are sacred.

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