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Cause and effect

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Lately, I've pondered cause and effect. Many things in my life show up as synchronicities, but are they really, and are they necessarily good? I love the exhilarating feeling of meeting someone, and that person says something that you have been wishing to learn, or get a tip about, or simply receiving a confirmation of one of your own values. Then it's a good synchronicity, a law of attraction or even a serendipity. But, when bad things happen, what is it then? And for how long apart can events be called synchronicities in a time aspect? How much is "at the same time"? And what is an effect of someone's thoughts, communication and doing?

If I look at exactly what I am doing, not what it's saying that I might be reading or writing, but the fact that I am sitting and looking at a screen for example, what I am doing. The doing at a certain given time and date. And then see what other people are doing at the exact same time, and see a pattern. Is it then a cause and effect, or simply two parallel doings? It's probably how my counterpart would want me to explain it, instead of her confessing to what she is in fact doing, at certain times and hours. This is also how I benefit from having spent long periods of times (several months in a row) without even going online to read something, less creating anything. It's for me to be able to compare and validate my findings against her.

Part of my education towards becoming a copywriter, was learning the psychology behind what sells and how we are affected by what we read, watch and listen to. I'm always aware of this, but I know most people aren't and therefore they don't think they are affected. Often we tend to notice things more, when we have just thought of, or already seen, the same just previously. We recognize it. It doesn't mean that it was recently put there. To me, being spiritually "awake" is also being aware and conscious about this.

Each deed is a seed.

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