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Celebrating anniversaries

As I was contemplating what I've accomplished this year, such as getting my teeth work done in my upper jar (finally!), getting a new apartment and made it into a home, updated all my online profiles, continued my translation work, and started writing on my third book, as well as recording some more dance videos and finally getting out of the false psychiatric diagnosis that was placed on me, I realized, that I have several anniversaries coming up next year!

In 2024, it's been 30 years, since I became a Copywriter.

In 2024, it's been 20 years, since I became a Lifecoach.

In 2024, it's been 20 years, since my first visit to Hawaii, meeting certain people.

In 2024, it's been 10 years, since I started dancing Isadora Duncan.

Next year, will call for a celebration!

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