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Citizen rights

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

One of the things that I learned when I lived in Honolulu, and especially during the time I was detained, was the difference between Civil rights and Human rights. Where do we draw the line on what is allowed, and what our inalienable rights are, in our own country and as visitors in other countries? What is a right and what is a privilege? In the light of life and death, it's easy to discern, but people working for bureaucracy seems to have little understanding, less experience, of fighting for survival.

In Sweden, where I'm from, there are some things that has surfaced lately in the media. For some time, we have a Danish guy that comes to Sweden to protest against Muslims by setting fire to the Quran. I think this is despicable, just like I think it also would be wrong to burn the Bible. Some things needs to be respected as sacred and untouchable. Why make Muslims more mad, if you hate them already?

Another example, is the display by an upside hanging mannequin doll, with a made mask to depict Erdogan, who has expressed concern for Sweden becoming a member of Nato, if Sweden doesn't extradite suspected terrorists to Turkey. He also has said that he thinks certain organizations should be labelled as such. But, the hanging of the doll could be seen too, as a right to freedom of speech certain journalists proclaim. Satire. The group behind it, are from Kurdistan here to promote their agenda. I think this is wrong too. They should adapt to the Swedish society and not try to create Kurdistan here.

When you go to live in a different country, we must abide by the laws in that country, as well as not receive any benefits unless we're lawful residents paying taxes and/or refugees. In Sweden, there seems to be a massive amount of refugees, rather than regular immigrants who actually come here to live, work and get married into the Swedish society. A society that is so politically correct, that it's considered more crucial to let foreigners have a say, than Swedish citizens. No wonder, this could brew into more racism!

Which takes me back to satire. If someone can't talk about a subject that matter, or express one's own emotions or impression through personal art, one shouldn't destroy the face of it. Satire, to me, is basically to bully, degrade and ridicule someone's opinion and truths, rather than having an actual debate about it, with respect.

Take me out of Sweden, please!

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