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Cold or Covid?

I've sneezed a lot lately. And as always, it's not clear why, since I also have allergies. Dust and pollen from birch, especially makes me prone to get symptoms. On Friday, I felt it increasing, so I took medicine and tried to hurry getting everything done with my chores. Bam! On Saturday, I was out. Teary eyes, runny nose and some aches and pains. Now, the question instead becomes: Covid, flu or cold?

I decided to stick with my natural medicine, instead of nose-drops, which the Swedish kinds rather produces a more stuffy nose making you need to take more, than treat any virus more then temporary. I remember, the Vicks' inhaler, I used in the States, so much better! But then again, it also has amphetamine as an ingredient. Not really that good either. I prefer using a natural saline spray, this one with a little higher concentration. It's the best! And some regular ibuprofen and paracetamol once a day.

Today, I'm coughing and having a sore throat, but not sneezing. How are we supposed to know what we have? Just in case, I put on my mask, when I entered the grocery store. It made me remember the Covid-period of course, but with a smile. Glad to have had that experience in Portugal, enabling my confidence to grow with a much broader perspective, as with most things in life after living elsewhere. And to still have some masks, that actually are called "Masquaras" in Portuguese. Imagine how mixed up that could become? Better wear both...

As I went back to bed yesterday, it occurred to me, how much easier it is, to let myself off the slack, due to not feeling well, than it is other days, even though I still might need the rest and relaxation. I need to give myself the permission to do nothing for a while. That, creates space, which creates more room to create, anyway. Grateful I can breathe, and grateful I didn't fall so ill, when I didn't have a home of my own.

Sipping tea.

Do I need to get tested? I'll give it a couple of more days. Why go and contaminate more people just for a slip of paper, when there isn't any medicine for this, anyway?

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