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Correcting our behavior

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

I'm a criminal! Are you? Have your ever done something illegal and got caught? Or maybe even not getting caught? I have, but I have also corrected my behavior.

When I was detained in Honolulu, HI 2011-12, I received lots of stories from the other women I served time with. The majority were Hawaiian Americans and to my surprise, I found myself guilty of several of the offenses others did time for, that I didn't. In some ways, I was a true equal, even though I was held by Immigration Customs Enforcement. So, I took it as a Divine lesson, to "do my time", anyhow, including this process. And since then, I have NOT committed any new crimes. No shoplifting, no frauds, or no other sketchy buys!

Not only, have I stopped, I have also put my foot down towards those who have hurt me before, for change, and revamped how I look at, and handle, money; letting life be of greater flow through overcoming my initial fear of getting my head under water. I've experienced an actual transformation! This has symbolic meaning to me. Water is life, and a sign of abundance in Feng Shui.

We can change our behaviors, simply by making a firm decision to, and pray for help when needed. Start by owning your story.

Do you need support? Hit me up for a coaching session!

And you can find more in my book "The Call for Divine Fathering".

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