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Countering stress

One of the benefits of travel and living in temporary housings, like shared apartments and hostels, is the increase of presence. When we travel, we focus naturally on the here and now, whether it's to go sight see or simply going online to do something. (It, however, delays one's more long-term commitments.) Luckily, I've been able to harness this practice of presence, and taking it with me. It's a great antidote against stress.

These past couple of months working with my translation project, have proved this right. Do one thing at the time, only! I used to be someone, who would have both the TV on and surf on my laptop. Or I would have music on, and write. Or I would perhaps fold laundry, only to continue and also clear out my closet. All this brought me more stress, through my own created distraction. So, to curb stress. Just do one thing at the time, all the time!


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