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Creating content as self-actualisation?

Can we become self-actualised without having our basic needs met first? According to Maslow, this isn't so, although some of our needs are parallel. I agree. To me, creating content that I don't directly get paid for, is part of my strive to express myself and my creativity and thus realise my true values and through this become more self-actualised. This is always easier, when I have my other needs met first. Having our needs met, creates a space, in which we can expand our minds and hearts and express this.

But, what happens in our society, if we forget this? Isn't the chase after content, and young people's longing to be influencers, in fact a hindrance to become self-actualised? Most of us, need to chase money, to make ends meet, to simply have our needs met. There is a danger in believing that posting things online, would be a quick fix to an income. Are you going to eat your skincare products and make-up for dinner, together with slim yoga-wear and sunglasses? Don't you still need to pay rent? And are these things, helping you realise who you in fact are and what you stand for and create a true sense of belonging based on human connection? Social media is great for sharing opinions, seek knowledge, share experiences and uplifting words, but the endless videos offering a five step program to make money by making a video offering a five step program, has to stop. Not to mention the threat of intellectual property thefts and plagiarisms in the never-ending effort to satisfy one's followers. What kind of world are we then developing?

How do I then do it? Sometimes, I do react and create a statement based on my reaction, often to correct what someone seems to have misunderstood or paraphrased from me. However, I do this also to define, differentiate, and position myself on the marketplace. But mostly, I decide beforehand what I'm going to say, or write, online and do this first, before looking at others' content. By deciding first, I'm the driver. That's how we can look at internet instead, like a huge arena enabling us to meet and express ourselves.

So, what would you like to say to the world? Say that.

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