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Daring to assert my competence

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

"Incompetence, in the limit, is indistinguishable from sabotage." (Elon Musk)

I laughed so much after reading this tweet yesterday, I think for at least half an hour. His point of view, can indeed explain a lot to me, and it also got me thinking of my own behavioral pattern. Most of my life, I've been very careful to not make anyone feel lesser than me and to always respect and encourage others' jobs as equally important, regardless of level and profession. After all, competence isn't at all, only about grades, but rather one's skills. And of course, developing empathy and compassion, paired with a sincere curiosity, has always been important to me. That's what I've been focusing on. Much, because my Dad has often belittled me and not thought that anything I've accomplished would be reason to celebrate (He has an IQ of 140, I think and I have 128. And my Dad likes to say that anyone can learn what I have.) Now, let's look at my application of Elon's quote.

First of all, I must recognize my own incompetence. When it comes to technical issues, and how things work practically, for example, I don't manage much. I did manage to mend and change both contact and switch on the old electrical cord to my vintage lamp, the other day... But, it took two hours!

More importantly though, is that I need to recognize others' incompetence much more often. What I have felt as sabotage against me, might just be random incompetence! I simply, can't phantom how people don't see and understand what I do, that I think is completely evident throughout many years of communicating about the same problems, to Swedish authorities for example. In our digital world, most things can be traced and therefore could be investigated to really find this out though. How much power has been given to my adversaries? How much have they interfered with others' decision making directly affecting my life, and most of all, the silencing of my writing? (I've been featured in the Swedish media regularly, since I was born, until 2014.) Why is any of this not addressed and explained to by said authorities? A reply to answer to the issues, regardless of who I am or who I am not. All, as a refusal and unwillingness by them to acknowledge my competence? Just like my father also refuses.

I understand most people, but very few understand me.

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