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Dealing with anxiety

To me, all anxiety stems from perceiving a threat. A threat that is literally against your life. It can be because of someone unknown to you, demanding something, or even a decisionmaker removing your income. Or it can because of someone dear to you, that we all know for a fact, are the most common perpetrators. When we love, we can hate. Hate drives fury, and fury can be a precursor to violence. If we don't love, we don't hate. It is simply our natural instincts.

What do we then do to lessen anxiety? Tend to your needs! Start by your physical location - do you feel safe? Do you have enough money in your account to sustain you? Enough food and essentials at home? Or with you? If you suffer any physical symptoms, take medicine. Then face the treat if possible, to set a firm boundary. To me, it's also a matter of faith. I feel much more safe when I am among other Christians, or even Muslims sometimes. We create a Divine protection through our joint prayers.

Give yourself what you need.

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