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Dealing with Divine interventions

It's not easy to know, how we should interpret what happens to us. Yesterday, our electronic door-locks stopped working and the extra key didn't work to open the locker-room. I was going to go and pick up a package with a coat I've ordered, and now had to go outside without wearing my old. Nonetheless, I set out.

When I called the two major cab firms in Stockholm, the answering women claimed none was going to be available during the whole day. I found that quite unlikely, but wasn't too surprised at her answer, given how I've been persecuted for years now, including using recorded conversations etc to cancel me.

I started walking and several cabs passed by. One graciously stopped after my 20 min route, and took me to the pick-up place, waited, and drove me to the station (my next stop) without any problem.

If I had interpreted this as a Divine intervention, I would have had to cancel both picking up the coat and my mail, which I needed. It's all about our gut-feeling. And luckily, the coat fit perfectly so I could use it right away.

How do you interpret obstacles?

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