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Dealing with libel

Updated: May 3, 2022

I have never in my entire life, had any problems with, or faced negativity by, journalists. Rather, I've been both featured positively (and truthfully) and written my own little opinion, now and then (which you can see examples of here).

But. 2014 everything changed.

Right when I was ready with my first draft of my second book, had had two small, good Hula performances, developed a new business idea, and were ready to take off in my life and career, I was brutally slandered. A Swedish woman in my age, more famous than I, suddenly put herself on the front cover of our tabloids, saying that I was stalking her. All with referrals to who I am, of course.

I have never met her, never seen her in person, and never contacted her, more than commenting publicly on her blogposts, that more and more began to either paraphrase mine, or seemed to display some kind of bullying hints. I contacted her publisher and the Swedish author association to solve the plagiarism, but nothing was done (but later her first book about Yoga had to be reprinted!). The Swedish police then gave me her email address, for me to contact her about it. And every time, I moved on with my own life, with my books, dancing and work, when I didn't get any answers, she went out again. For years! And adding that I would be mentally disturbed to point out similarities in our blogposts, and sharing how I was stalked myself, literally, in person.

Now though, I have come to understand fully, how, and why, journalists can be hated - a profession I myself have had aspirations to become, growing up. But, then I also felt like I didn't want to make a profit on other people's miseries that I so often see reported in the news. I simply didn't want to become one of those reporters standing at a horrific scene, asking how it feels, when it's obvious. Or making someone into a victim, who isn't, so I became a copywriter instead. And while I still await media to pick up my story with witness reports to the UN, which was investigated in a larger scale by their working groups 2014-16, now you all know why I can't possibly stay and live in Sweden. And just maybe, there is some reason why I should learn about the negative aspect of journalism, to become more compassionate, inspired, and to share further on. That remains to be seen.

For now, I have blocked my Facebook pages against views in Sweden, which I aim to continue with the rest of my websites and social media too, once I have moved and resettled.

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