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Dealing with others' assumptions

Om two occasions lately, I've been approached by two different persons who wanted to apologize and clarify to me that what they had said, was not directed at me. While this might sound nice, it feels completely weird, because I have neither felt, nor thought, it would be directed at me. They can of course apologize if that makes them feel better, but who is walking around, making these assumptions, behind my back? The fact that someone is believing this about me, is far more worse, since that would point to an interpretation that I have never had. And thus, I become treated as such.

I guess this calls for some detective work. One was that I overheard where she was born and the other was about a rule. I don't see how neither would be my business, you see. But I do notice things. They should be aware of that instead.

(I am so grateful to have my American perspective with my experiences and education there, up my sleeve.)

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