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Dealing with snobbism

Almost ten years ago, I contacted a Swedish woman called Alexandra Pascalidou, who I thought was a journalist, interested in unfair treatment, immigration and human rights. But apparently not so. In her e-mail reply to me, she stated I don't think you know who you're talking to, as if she wanted me to beg, kiss her feet and worship her first. I don't do that. I don't kiss ass. Either you find what I have to say newsworthy and of both importance and interest to the public to be known, or you don't. Either you include me in your news, so that I, like a million others, also can sell my books and have an income, or you could even just make it a news article about the issue, without mentioning me. I have seen neither in Sweden. But, perhaps, it is due to the so common Swedish fear of ever taking any initiative to anything, less speak up against the United States, or any other country. Or perhaps, immigrations detentions is even worse here.

So, I contacted Chris Cuomo, who then worked for CNN, since his brother was the governor of New York City, accustomed to dealing with both immigration issues and people in detention. I've also gotten to know that they themselves are an immigrant family, so naturally, he could do an interview with me about my report to the UN and my book, especially since there has become an alarming increase of refugees by the border and I know the need for the public to discuss possible solutions. There is a gap between the knowledge and handling by the federal government and the sometimes lack of responsibility by so called visa sponsors in the community. But first he got laid off, then it took another 6 months before he started his own podcast project on YouTube, besides getting on NewsNation. But now, it's been another couple of years. Yet, his podcast consists of episodes covering politics, as well as media, as well as books and sometimes self-help tips. It's obviously a perfect fit, that either would remain there, or catch on with others. Yet, no answers, just ridicule with insinuations in copy-style behind the screen.

These two examples both tell the same story: the one of idolatry going to their heads or they being threatened by someone asking them not to give me publicity. It used to be a culture of not being "allowed" to assert oneself, now it's become the opposite. They think so highly of themselves and their importance that they are loosing touch with reality, not just getting caught in drama, but creating it. I guess neither of them can handle that I am not impressed (Autnenticity does.), and empowered myself, perhaps more than they are.

I would love for you to contact them, or any other newsreporters, and ask! Immigration detention in the United States, and Human rights, is an issue that is of global importance. Isn't this obvious?

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