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Dealing with prejudice about money

Besides being a woman and having encountered discrimination in the workplace, (Yes, in Sweden!) another type of prejudice that I have had to deal with, and still do sometimes, is the assumptions that comes with the subject - money. Having, or not having, seem to alter how I'm being looked upon by some.

In one way, I've been looked upon someone who must be wealthy. I assume that is because I like to dress put together and act polite with a grounded self-confidence. This in turn could be founded in my nobility that has come with certain ways of how we're raised. And thanks to my 7 years of university education and age.

In another way, the opposite. I have also been met with suspicion and outright derogatory remarks when it comes to not having had any income. As if not having an income, would be caused by either a drug-addiction or a mental illness. At no time, has anybody with authority ever understood that problem with my teeth, isn't either. I had to wait for surgery and getting a bridge for two years 2008-10, when I lived in the south of Sweden, and continuing in Stockholm in 2013. Would you employ someone without wholesome teeth to greet and meet with your customers? Or date? Or interview? But then, when I was fairly ok in 2014-17, my entire life became destroyed again with false accusations and assumptions about my mental health, while also having to deal with a repeat stalking burglar. And now, I'm currently enduring a similar situation, where I lost my upper bridge in late April 2020. Thanks to private grants, I am now hopefully getting my whole upper jar finalised in the beginning of next year with permanent dental implants. I've thus waited another three years 2020-23 and dealing with excruciating pain, besides my appearance and feelings.

We seem to attribute a lot to money in our society, which of course is founded in how we all need it to have our needs met and rightfully should, in order to choose how we get these needs met. I, who eat gluten-free and lactose-free due to my sensitive stomach, can't just accept handouts of free pasta and bread. Make sense? Why would I want to make myself ill? It all goes back to the metaphor of the goldfish asking for help to get back into his bowl to swim but was lifted up into the tree by a monkey. Do you think you know better than someone who has less income than you? What if the real solution to most problems, simply is money?

If you believe in equal treatment in front of the law, you shouldn't take into account one's income and address.

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