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Deciphering a dream

This morning, I awoke remembering a dream. I had been to some kind of function, or show, where I was recognized by several people, but that I didn’t recognize, because they were all teenagers, or grown up children, of my former classmates. The one person I did recognize, and talked about, was a guy named Peter C, that I had made out with, after returning from my year in the States. He was a bit of a Casanova, yet his popularity and good kissing made it a bit of a high status, to have been with him. As I reflect on this, I remember that he was “Mr Popular” and not Mats that I referred to as such in my book “The Call for Divine Mothering”. So, this is how I understand the dream, and its purpose. Do you understand yours?

How do we decipher our dreams? To me there are three kinds:

1. Clearing out impressions – mostly incoherent and a bit dark and confusing, it’s like a clearing out of movies and images we have seen on TV.

2. Remembering things – patterns and memories resurfacing from our subconscious to be dealt with.

3. Spiritual dreams – knowledge from our ancestors or spirit helpers wanting us to be warned. These often come with a clear and succinct message, or even as a lucid dream.

Then we also have our daydreaming, where our wishes and longings are poured into our imagination, becoming our envisioning of our desires.

Have you felt helped by a dream? Share if you’d like!

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