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Discerning fears

Lately, I've come across my own fears. How does one know if it's a fear or an intuitive warning? As I understand it, it all has to do with what comes true. If something happens, that you were afraid of, it was a valid intuitive instinct that you should be lucky to have. And if something doesn't happen, it was just a fear, a scare.

This can be experienced, when we ask others about something we need, or want. If we really need it, we'll receive it. If not, we either didn't need it, or it would be something to fight for. A fear is a dread, a hesitation, or a sense of looming darkness. It can also be disintegrated if you have to encounter what you are afraid of. Interesting enough, the fear then dissipates and morphs into the present moment energy. It becomes something to deal with hands on, here and now, for you to change the outcome. It is what I'm currently doing because of all the vicious libel and slander, I have been subjected to for several years. I felt all of this coming, and I have built my defence well. Sometimes, it's just a matter of defining who I am, what I do. and why. And to be steadfast in my convictions that emanates from my lived truth by evidence.

What are you afraid of? On a personal level, or a societal? How do you best prepare and deal with it? This can too be vented with a lifecoach.

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