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Dolling up?

Early growing up, girls play with dolls and boys with cars. This has already been discussed for decades about whether it’s bad for equality to establish this divide between genders. Of course, girls should be allowed to also play with cars, and boys with dolls. It’s this choice we should always consider when we buy toys. But, what goes into the imagery that is created when we play?

Recently, I have seen a photo of a Barbie doll, doing yoga, with an adjoining discussion on Facebook about it. While this may seem flattering for Rachel Brathen and her followers, it has also been exposed to be part of Satanism. Can this be true? I’ve already voiced my suspicion of copyright infringement, since I haven’t received any answers or explanations on what she founds her writing and storytelling, some very similar to mine.

It should be held evident that it’s always what we do, how and with what, that is important. If what we do creates harm onto oneself or others, it obviously should be banned. However, the question arises whether or not we (the masses) are equipped to discern how we are being affected and its consequences. Isn’t the increasing presence on Instagram more dangerous, where young women feel pressured to look a certain way, and of course also become more aware of their looks by the constant comparisons and scrutiny, we all spread? Does our strive for perfection of our looks, not derive from Barbie? Women can have become so affected growing up, without consciously knowing, that they would even deny it, yet undergo a full array of plastic surgery to look like a doll. It’s already been proven that Barbie’s measures aren’t natural, so everybody then would have to alter themselves to become like her. Is this the world we want to live in?

The question here, however, has arisen whether it would be satanic to do yoga. Like with everything, it depends on how and what you do. If you chant Satanic verses or worship the dark, you’ll be seen like it. Standing in a pose doesn’t invite it on its own. But, yoga indeed has a Hindu attachment to it. And it should probably be more practiced with this awareness and teachings, to follow the protocol of India. I think, that is the right path to follow, to let each country and culture be in charge of their practices, especially when it’s moved elsewhere around the world. How about making a Barbie with Indian looks instead?

When I grew up, I mostly played with Barbie's horse, and often received souvenir dolls by my father, from his or our trips. You know the kinds that are dressed in folklore attire. I soon started collecting them and had a dozen or so, of different countries. I liked them then, just like I like having friends from everywhere now.

The power in things are null. Only what you give power to, has.

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