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Dreading the news

Like I've shared here, I often have some kind of instincts about bad things happening in the western world. And while I even advocate not to digest too much news, they still are a necessity to follow, to be in the loop and be prepared. They have also become a confirmation of a sorts, to me.

Never, however, had I thought I, myself, would be featured badly, since I've been part of media as long as I can remember (which you can see here). It started in 2014 with a weird kind of silence, when I had just managed to schedule one interview with AP in Honolulu, and one interview in Stockholm by an entertainment journalist, about my second book and its resemblance with Orange is the New Black. All was like it should!

However, I had also noticed how much of the content of my first book (and blog) seemed similar to what I saw in a Swedish famous person's books about Yoga... I decided to file a lawsuit after calling her agent. But instead of her discussing it with me, including at the Writer's association with their attorneys, she slandered me badly in the Swedish news for several summers in a row. The first time, I was quoted, so people could understand it was me. The following two summers, I was refused to answer against her allegations. A woman I have never seen, talked to, called or visited, only e-mailed about her content, which sometimes is literal to mine. So, I wait for it to be so visible, it no longer can be ignored. Just like how I've been stalked shouldn't. Why is that neither written about, nor managed by the police and court? Besides my books?

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