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Empowerment heals

One of the cornerstones of lifecoaching and healing, is to become empowered. My path to understanding who I am, what I've become, and how, derives from reading Louise Hay's book "You can heal your life" in 1996. Through her exercises, I gained an understanding of how victimhood have attracted more things to become a victim of. How a small assault led to a bigger one. I decided to change.

Since then, I have taken steps to be the leader of my own life, through education, therapy and practice. To choose my relationships wisely, and to not engage in any gossip or other energy draining activities, but work for and with what I believe in. It's by making conscious decisions of how we live daily, we can receive greater opportunities. Empowerment is, to not let offenses rule you, but see them as a hurt person acting out his or her own behavioral pattern. By finding compassion, we can forgive and move on.

To be empowered means to be your own authority. Is this perhaps, why I seem to so often encounter resistance by legal authorities? They are displaying a learnt helplessness in their organization, clashing with my empowerment.

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