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Enjoying the last days of summer

School have started and the earth has changed its position towards the sun, that now is setting about an hour earlier in Stockholm, Sweden. I become fascinated every time I notice it, as if the sun has changed its place. No wonder, our ancestors believed that the earth was flat and we could just walk towards the horizon, but possibly fall over!

I go for my walks in the woods, down below my apartment building. It's quite a treat to have both a lake to go into and a forest to enjoy, right here, even though I still live at a subway distance from downtown. I enjoy the soft sound of putting down my feet on to the paths made of gravel and dirt. I sneak in between the trees and see all kinds of little treasures; flowers, butterflies, berries, and now lately lots of mushrooms of various kinds, where I get to forage big chanterelles. After I rinse them well, I saute the pieces in butter and salt, and enjoy to a meal. All for free, that is a delicacy in the stores.

The sun finds its way through the trees and I let it shine on my face that I bravely tilt towards it, just like my Hibiscus flowers do in my kitchen window.

And I take a deep breath.

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