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Entering the United States

It's soon time to!

There are three ways to enter the United States after having been deported, unless seeking refugee status. To attend a trial or the like, one can receive a parole. This however, is usually for a set time. Then one must leave again. Otherwise, there are two waivers one can apply for. One for permission to re-enter the US and one to remove the inadmissibility. In my case, I didn't enter illegally, I had only a non-immigrant visa as a student, and was granted volunteer departure by the Immigration Judge. However, I became removed by ICE since I failed to buy the return ticket within the allotted time frame. I wanted to stay and continue what I've started.

After my visits to the US Embassy in Stockholm, a couple of years ago, I learned that it probably is better to apply for an immigrant visa, or simply go for just a visit. And now, that we enter year 2022, it's been 10 years, since I received the ban! That means, just seven more months to go...

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