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I've gained weight this past year, which is very unusual for me. It must be at least 30 years ago that I wore a size medium, instead of small. Fitting snug.

This is all due to being forced to eat another menu than what I normally would do, and perhaps due to my age. I still have my period, but not as regularly, and less for a longer duration, so I assume I'm entering menopause. After all, I'm 51 years old.

Besides the clothing size, I also recently enlarged my screen setting to 110%, instead of 90. What a difference that made for my eyes!

While this might not be so noteworthy or new to you, it is to me. And, this can also be used as a metaphor for my own need to grow bigger. To take up my space, reclaim what was mine, and of course to grow. We all know that repotting plants this time of year is a must for growth. And for improvement and progress. All in order to expand!

In which areas of your life, do you need to expand? What have you outgrown?

Call your personal coach and let's find out!

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